At Home Bikini Hair Removal

Most women want to keep their bikini line free from hair or trimmed during swimsuit season. Some like to keep this area neat all year long. Permanent solutions can be quite expensive and aren’t always as 100 percent effective. There are several methods that can be utilized at home to trim, contour or completely remove any unwanted hair in this region.

Trimming and Plucking

You can trim the area around the bikini line with a pair of small scissors if you would only like to keep the area neat, not remove the hair completely. There are also several electric or battery operated trimmers that can be used to neaten the area. Men's beard and mustache trimmers are one option, but there are trimmers on the market designed for women. Plucking is also effective if you only wish to remove a few stray hairs.


Shaving is an effective short term solution to this problem. It is also relatively inexpensive and the only instrument required is a razor. It can be difficult to shave around the intimate contours and lines of this area and you may also cut or nick yourself. Shaving will only last for a few days and then the entire process must be repeated again. Shaving will also leave behind prickly stubble.

Depilatory Cream

A depilatory cream is another effective, short term solution. Make sure to purchase a cream that is specially designed for the bikini area, or you may experience an unpleasant burning sensation. Try a small test area before applying a large amount to see if your delicate skin reacts negatively to the cream. Leave the cream on according to the package directions. The results will last for a little while longer than shaving and the hair will not grow back as coarse.

Waxing and Sugaring

Waxing and sugaring are the most effective ways to remove hair. The results last longer and hair will grow back much softer. Waxing and sugaring may cost slightly more than depilatory creams and shaving. The largest drawback to waxing and sugaring is the pain factor. Both of these methods can be extremely painful and many times if the hair is too coarse it can be difficult to eliminate. Waxing this area at home can be very difficult, so consider having your bikini area waxed at a salon by an experienced professional.