How to Appreciate Your Husband

The oldest and most sacred human relationship is that between husband and wife, and it's important for both to show genuine appreciation for each other. Husbands often feel under-appreciated and ignored. However, it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, it is easy to change the way your husband feels. These steps will show you how.

Remember why you first fell in love. This is the easiest step. Try to recall all the feelings you first had for your husband, and recall them often. Reminisce together about your first encounter. This is something your husband will enjoy also.

Acknowledge the little things. If your husband fills up your gas tank, picks up your plate and takes it to the kitchen, remembers your mother's birthday, acknowledgment the effort. These tasks may be little, but they are still signs that your husband is thinking of you. Men often show love through acts of service.

Touch your husband more. Not only do men show love through acts of service, but they also feel loved through touch. Find ways to touch him throughout the day. A hug, an innocent hand-holding session while walking through the mall, a quick neck massage are nice ways to appreciate your husband, and show him how much you love him.

Engage in hobbies together. If your guy likes watching football, sit down and watch a game with him. He'll appreciate your interest. Go bowling together. Find things to do that make both of you laugh together. You'll bond.

Write him love notes and give him cards for no reason. As cheesy as it may sound, it is effective. Just think about how special you felt the last time you received a card; guys are no different.

Create a CD of his favorite music for him to listen to in the car on the way to work. Or make a new play-list on his MP3 player. Try not to make it sappy, make it something he'd actually listen to.

Speak positively about your husband. This is a huge step, and will yield the biggest long-range results. Try not to demean your husband in private, and definitely not in public. Your husband will feel more appreciated if he believes you respect him.

Learn about his job. Generally speaking, most men like talking about what they do professionally. If you take a vested interest in his job, you may find a sincere appreciation of what his day is like. If you already know what he does, ask him how his day went, and truly care about the answer.