The Advantages of Being Separated in Marriage

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When married couples separate they are still legally bound by marriage. However, often separating couples establish their own terms once they decide to separate. Some couples separate with the intent of trying to work it out while others merely separate as a step toward divorce with no other option in sight. No matter what your arrangement is, there are some physical and mental advantages that you may have when it comes to rebuilding your own hurt feelings and self-esteem.

Personal Space

Once separated, one partner will sometimes make the choice to move out or at least take a break from the household. This gives each person time to reclaim some personal space without the pressure of the spouse. Sometimes having your own space will give you clarity to solve your problems or issues with the relationship. If anything, your own space may just give you some much-needed relaxation and time to consider what you would like out of the relationship or if it is worth rebuilding.

Second Guessing

The upside to separation is as a couple you can still easily reconcile. Once you are divorced it's still easy to reconcile only you have to go through the marriage process again if you do wish to be married. If you and your spouse aren't getting along, it's wise to try a trial separation so that you can work on the relationship without being shoved together during all of your free time.


Separations can grant you the freedom to explore your interests. For example, if your spouse wasn't supportive of your hobby, take it up once you are separated. You have a right to enjoy yourself both in and outside of relationships. Take your separation as an opportunity to explore some interests that you had been putting on the back burner such as joining a gym, or volunteering.


Being separated from your spouse can give you an idea of what it might be like to be without your spouse in your life. Though you may both have hurt feelings toward one another, you may come to realize that you would be extremely unhappy without your partner in your life. On the flip side, you may discover the opposite. A separation may be an eye opening experience that helps you to make a more educated decision concerning possible divorce.