How to Make Premature Wrinkles Disappear

It's a fact of life that everybody ages. Wrinkles and fine lines are destined to be a part of all of our lives. However, some people develop wrinkles prematurely, and this can be distressing. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices are typically to blame for premature wrinkles, so if you notice a few lines showing up, it's important to make the appropriate changes to your daily life to eliminate your early skin aging and to prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Wear sunblock every day. Choose a brand that offers at least SPF 15. This will protect you from the sun, which is one of the primary reasons for premature wrinkles.

Use a topical treatment to reduce your wrinkles. You can get numerous over-the-counter wrinkle creams that contain substances such as retinol and coenzyme Q10, which help smooth the texture of your skin. Prescription medications like retinoids (Retin-A) are also effective in reducing wrinkles because they increase collagen production and get rid of rough surface texture.

Have fillers injected into your wrinkles. Substances like fat and collagen are the most common choices. They can be injected into your wrinkles to make your skin look more even and youthful. However, this procedure is only temporary and must be repeated every six months to maintain the results.

Undergo dermabrasion to have the top layer of your skin removed to reveal smoother skin underneath. This will leave your skin as an open wound, since it involves sanding off your skin. However, once it heals, you'll have fewer wrinkles and a more supple skin surface.

Undergo a facelift. If no other procedures help your premature wrinkles disappear, you can have a plastic surgeon pull your skin tighter so that the wrinkles no longer show. Healing takes several weeks and the procedure itself can be pricey.