Natural Cleanse Diet

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Just like your house needs a fall and spring cleaning, so does your body. Natural cleanses usually consist of a detox for three to 21 days to rid the body of any unwanted toxins. There are many natural cleanse diets, most of which consist of removing one or more foods that contain potentially harmful substances such as grains, dairy, refined sugars or red meats.

Who Needs It

An unsupervised natural cleanse is ideal for all healthy individuals twice a year -- spring and fall -- to help rid the body of toxins and improve how you feel. It is best the consult with a doctor or health professional before starting a natural cleanse. Spring cleanses help to bring the body out of its winter hibernation and prepare for the summer. A fall cleanse will help the body cope with the winter ahead.


By utilizing a natural cleanse diet you will like change your eating patterns and cravings to benefit you beyond the cleanse period. According to Dr. Joey Shulman, author of "The Makeover Diet," cleansing is simply "in between fasting and regular eating.". Other reported benefits of cleansing include more energy, improved mood, improved digestion, weight loss and general healthier eating.

General Cleanse Day

Most cleanses begin the day with a tall class of water and lemon, as the lemon juice can help stimulate the lymphatic system, liver and dissolve uric acid. For breakfast, foods high in vitamin C are recommended since vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, and helps rid the body of harmful substances. Other foods to eat throughout the day include salads with dairy free dressings, soy yogurt, fruits and vegetables, hummus and lean white meats or fish (See Most of the foods chosen throughout the day are naturally high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help build a strong, healthy immune system.

Allowed and Forbidden Foods

For most natural cleanses there are some common allowed and forbidden foods. Generally forbidden foods consist of sugars -- with the exception of natural sugars in foods such as fruits -- dairy products, alcohol, refined grains and processed foods. Most cleanses allow you to eat foods such as any type of fruit or vegetables, all nuts and seeds, polyunsaturated fats, all spices, butter and eggs