Can Grapeseed Oil Help Acne?

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Many parts of the grape have been used medicinally for thousands of years, from skins, leaves and vines to the juice and seed. While many of the health benefits related to internal functions such as circulation, the oil extracted from these tiny fruit middles can also present more visual results: healthy, young and smooth skin. While the benefits of grape seed oil for skin lean toward preventing aging than clearing acne, there are still many good reasons the natural extract could help.

Inside Grape Seed Oil

Grape seeds contain several enzymes, each with its own health benefit. The active ingredient in grape seeds is oligomeric proanthocyanidins, commonly referred to as OPC. OPCs contain antioxidants and antihistamine properties. Grape seeds also contain Vitamin E, flavanoids and linoleic acid. These properties present qualities that will help clear existing acne and prevent new breakouts.

Sources of Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil, most commonly extracted by a cold-press process, is found as a skin-conditioning agent in many brands of skin creams and cleansers.Search online for a brand that contains this extract or, if in a store, check the labels or ask a sales clerk for help. Outside of official skincare products containing grape seed oil, you can use straight grape seed oil on your skin. Bottles of natural grape seed oil can be purchased in the cooking oil section of specialty grocers. The oil-cleansing method of skin care, a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil, is a growing trend in skincare both for its natural and economical benefits. The olive oil can be replaced with grape seed oil, according to Donna Sells Wildtree. Although grape seed oil is an oil, it can still help oily skin.

Linoleic Acid and Acne

The linoleic acid found in grape seed oil helps protect the collagen and elastin found in the skin cell membranes. A Harvard Medical School publication, HEALTHbeat, explains linoleic acid serves as an emollient, or an agent that smooths the skin, and fills in the spaces between skin cells. Emollients can contribute to clearing up acne-prone skin. So, using skincare products containing grape seed oil can prove effective in keeping skin looking younger and firmer.

Antioxidants, Antihistamines and Acne

Antioxidants, found naturally in many foods, are all-around helpful to and healthy for the body. When it comes to skin, the antioxidants found in grape seed oil OPCs help neutralize the free radicals in our bodies. This can help clear acne. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of the OPCs can also effectively prevent breakouts. These also prevent the aging process, not only helping clear acne, but also keeping skin looking younger.