How to Cook Boiled Drained Yellow Snap Beans Without Salt

Basket of yellow snap beans

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Yellow snap beans provide fiber, folate and beta carotene along with traces of calcium and vitamin C. Yellow snap beans might also be called wax beans at your local grocer or farmers market. To preserve their nutritional value, cook beans for the shortest duration of time. Salt is often used to season the beans, but it is not required in the boiling process. You can omit salt entirely or allow each person to salt his own serving to taste.

Wash the beans in cold water, removing any dirt and debris among the beans. Discard any wilting and brown beans.

Snap or cut off the ends of the beans. Another option is to keep the beans whole depending on how much time you have for preparation. The less you cut the beans, the sweeter the end bean dish tastes.

Turn a burner on the stove to "High" heat and place a pot of water on the burner.

Wait for the water to come to a full boil before dropping in the prepped beans. Drop the beans in close to the water surface to prevent dangerous splashing of boiling water.

Boil the water for three to five minutes. Watch beans to ensure that they don't lose color or start to become mushy in the water. They should be tender but firm when they are done.

Drain the water and serve the beans.