How to Grill a Veggie Burger

by Michelle Powell-Smith

A freshly grilled veggie burger with the fixings.

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Vegetarians don't have to subsist on potato salad and crudites at the family barbecue. Many veggie burgers stand up nicely to grilling, whether you opt for a meat look-alike or a vegetable-based patty. These burgers can be prone to crumbling. Special care will let everyone at your cookout enjoy dinner without much additional fuss.

Choose your favorite packaged veggie burger or make a homemade burger recipe. Opt for a classic meat analog, a vegetable-based burger, or a bean burger.

Leave frozen patties in the freezer until you are ready to cook them. Shape and chill homemade burgers before grilling.

Preheat the grill.

Brush the patties with olive oil or spray the grill with a non-stick spray designed for grilling.

Grill the patties, allowing them to sear on one side before turning. Cook to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

Add your favorite burger toppings, choosing flavors that mesh well with your burgers. Try avocado, salsa and jack cheese for a black bean burger or a quick cabbage slaw for an Asian one.


  • Check with the vegetarians if you usually use your grill for meat. They may want to bring their own grill or lay foil down, rather than chance exposure to meat residue on the communal grill. Grill crumbly patties in a wire mesh basket, like those used for fish.

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