Ways to Cook Beet Greens

fabioderby/iStock/Getty Images

Although some people are inclined to throw beet greens in the garbage after cutting these leaves off of the purple-root vegetable to which they are attached, others cook beet greens. Since 1 cup of boiled beet greens contain 11,022 IU of vitamin A and 1,309 mg of potassium, the next time you purchase beets, you may want to save the leaves and cook them as soon as possible to ensure that they retain their fresh flavor. For variety, cook beet greens in different ways.


Beet greens taste excellent sauteed and mixed with pasta. Slice a large handful of beet leaves into 1/4-inch strips and discard the stem in the middle. Put the beet greens in a pan of heated olive oil and saute them for six minutes. Add one sliced garlic clove and saute the beet greens for one additional minute before seasoning them with 1/8 tsp. of garlic powder and salt. Sprinkle them with red pepper flakes, if desired, then add 1 cup of cook pasta and 1/8 cup of chicken broth and continue to heat the beet greens on a low flame for one more minute, stirring the ingredients.


A healthy way to boil beet greens is to add them to soup. By cooking beet greens in broth instead of water, you retain the nutrients in beet greens, since you will be consuming the liquid in which you cook them. When you boil beet greens in a large amount of water and drain them, the nutrients go down the drain with the water. To boil beet greens in soup, cut the stem from the leaves, chop the leaves and put them in your soup, allowing them to boil in the soup for approximately 16 minutes. Beet greens taste great in chicken soup.


Steam beet greens for about nine minutes and mix the greens with cooked rice if you are on a restricted diet and don’t want the fat that comes with adding oil to beet greens. Squeeze lemon on the beet greens and rice for added flavor.


Stir fry a generous handful of coarsely chopped beet greens in 1 tbsp. of peanut oil. Add a chopped garlic clove to the pan. A few seconds before taking the greens off of the stove, mix in ½ tbsp. of soy sauce and ½ tbsp. of teriyaki sauce. Serve the stir-fried beet greens over a mound of cooked rice.