Foods With Natural Energy Boosters

by Ripa Ajmera

Foods With Natural Energy Boosters

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You don’t need to rely only on energy drinks, packaged sports bars or supplements to gain a boost of energy. According to Tony Amidor of the Food Network, eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and foods containing water can all help you gain a blast of vitality to make it through your day.

Whole-Grain Foods

Your body’s primary energy source is carbohydrates. Whole grains last in your body longer, which gives you more endurance. Whole grains are also loaded with B-vitamins, which help boost your energy and metabolism. You can consume whole grain through whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereal (such as shredded wheat or raisin bran), oatmeal and brown rice.

Fresh Fruits

For an immediate energy burst, Amidor recommends having a handful of strawberries. This fruits also contains fiber, which helps your body more slowly absorb the carbohydrates you consume from strawberries and provides longer-lasting energy. Any fresh fruit, however, can provide you a lift in energy. Fresh fruits make an especially good mid-afternoon snack.


Having 1 cup cooked broccoli gives you as much vitamin C as an orange. An Arizona State University study found that increasing vitamin C intake helped participants more energized. Instead of vitamin C supplements, eat broccoli or other vegetables that contain vitamin C--including radishes, cabbage and spinach.

Lean Meats

Your body must receive enough iron to keep energy levels constant. According to the University of California, Los Angeles Blood and Platelet Center, lacking iron is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. Common iron-deficiency symptoms include low energy and fatigue. Pork contains iron and is also a good source of B-vitamins including niacin and thiamine, which help increase metabolism. Select lean pork cuts such as pork chops and tenderloin; higher-fat foods can make you feel sluggish and weigh you down. Other lean meats with similar nutritional facts as pork include chicken breast, shrimp and beef tenderloin.


Our bodies consist of two-thirds water. Water helps control your body temperature and digestion. You need water to produce energy. Slight dehydration can contribute to making you feel tired. In addition to drinking water, you should also eat foods that contain high water content, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, to meet your daily water needs.


Also known as capsicum, cayenne is one of the strongest herbal stimulants. Adding cayenne to your food also improves your circulatory system and strengthens your heart.

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