How Many Calories Do Bing Cherries Have?

by Kay Uzoma

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Bing cherries are firm and sweet and are the most popular fresh market cherries, according to Ron Smith, a horticulturist at North Dakota State University. They are becoming increasingly recognized for their health benefits such as fighting inflammation and relieving conditions like arthritis.


A half cup of raw, Bing cherries such contains 37 calories, according to Utah State University. However, half cup of frozen sweet cherries has 115 calories, which is more than the amount found in half cup with light syrup — 84 calories.


Like other fruits, Bing cherries are a rich source of antioxidants. They have a high vitamin A content, with half cup containing 944 individual units. These sweet cherries are also good sources of vitamin C, fiber and iron.


Antioxidants in Bing cherry fight free radical damage in the body. Bing’s fiber and low-calorie content make it a healthy dietary choice to help control weight. A study published in the “Journal of Nutrition,” revealed that Bing cherries can fight inflammation that plays a role in arthritis, heart disease and cancer.


Look for cherries that are freshly harvested, firm and that have rich, even color. Handle carefully to prevent bruising and wash thoroughly before eating, advises Utah State University.

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