Beauty Tips for an Oily Face

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A shiny face is the result of an increase in sebum, which is an oil that keeps your skin from drying out. This onslaught of oil generally occurs due to heredity, seasonal changes or when your body suffers a significant shift in hormones. While oily skin is natural, too much oil can make your face look greasy. Excess oil also contributes to the occurrence of acne. Use beauty tips that reduce or prevent oily skin.

Avoid Dryness

Washing your face helps rid your skin of oil. However, washing your face with the hottest water, strongest soap and harsh scrubbing tools can dry out your skin. Washing your face too often also results in dryness. Your skin tries to make up for excessive dryness by producing more sebum, making your skin oilier. Alcohol pads, which strip your face of oil, also produce this effect. Clean your face once in the morning and once at night with gentle soap and lukewarm water, and avoid scrubbing, recommends the Free Beauty Tips website.


Failing to moisturize your face also causes excessive dryness. However, using the wrong moisturizer may make an oily face worse. Buy an oil-free moisturizer to avoid these issues. For optimum benefits, select a moisturizer that contains oatmeal as a prime ingredient. Oatmeal soothes and brightens skin without drying it out. Use moisturizers that contain alpha lipoic acid, which decreases the oil on your skin in minimal time, according to Free Beauty Tips. Apply moisturizer to your face as part of your nightly routine.

Use the Right Makeup

Creamy foundations and compact powder foundations usually are oil-based, which can add to the oily feel and look of your skin. To remedy this, use loose powders to keep your face free from oil. Loose powders also keep your skin dry and reduce unwanted shine. Apply loose powder throughout the day when your face feels oily. Use a lighter shade of foundation to help hide the darkening effects caused by oil.

Apply Makeup Strategically

Use shiny or shimmery makeup sparingly--such makeup enhances your skin's shininess. For added oil coverage, use blotting papers before applying makeup. Blotting papers are highly absorbent sheets designed to lift and absorb excess oil from your skin. To use, simply rest a paper on your skin and lift it away to remove the oil. Blot your face throughout the day as it becomes shiny.