Benefits of Juicing Carrots

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Juicing carrots at home is a simple way to add nutrition to your diet and benefit from their health-promoting properties. Research has shown that carrot juice can support heart health and immune function and that it can be particularly useful for those who may lack certain nutrients and their diet. Juicing carrots also has some unique advantages over eating them whole.

Lose the Pesticides

Possibly the most notable benefit of juicing carrots is that during the juicing processed the fiber is separated out, allowing you to get more nutrients. A single glass of carrot juice can contain the juice of many carrots; more than you would possibly be able to eat in one sitting. The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health notes that juicing also significantly reduces pesticide residue that would otherwise be eaten because fruits and vegetables are usually peeled before juicing.

Keep the Nutrients

Commercial juices are almost always pasteurized, a processing method that heats foods to a certain point to kill any potentially harmful bacteria. This pasteurization process, however, can also destroy valuable health promoting substances only found in raw, unheated foods. By juicing your own carrots, you avoid the pasteurization process and, thus, drink a healthier and more nutritionally complete juice.

Protect Your Heart

A daily glass of carrot juice may be able to provide your heart with extra protection. A study published in “Nutrition Journal” in 2011 measured the health effects of ingesting 16 ounces of freshly squeezed carrot juice every day for 12 weeks. The result was a decrease in systolic blood pressure and a significantly increased antioxidant capacity. The study concluded that drinking carrot juice could promote cardiovascular health by decreasing free radical damage due to an increase in total antioxidant status.

Juicing For Veggie Slackers

If you're not consuming enough colorful vegetables, carrot juice may be able to help. Research shows that drinking carrot juice can support immune function, particularly in those who consume a diet otherwise low in carotenoids – colorful pigments produced by plants, found in high amounts in orange, red and yellow vegetables. A study published in 2003 in “Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism” gave 11 ounces of carrot or tomato juice to healthy men with a low carotenoid diet for two weeks. The result was a positive effect on immune function, due to higher total carotenoid concentrations.