How to Heal Acne With Borax

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Nataliya Litova/Hemera/Getty Images

Acne is caused by environmental, dietary or hormonal fluctuations and is characterized by large red bumps, white pimples or blackheads on the face and body. This dermatological disorder varies from person to person and can come and go during a person's lifetime. It is common to have bouts of acne during puberty, although it can develop at any stage of life. A healthy diet and stress-management routine can help calm acne. Always check with your dermatologist before you begin any self-treatment to heal your acne.

Mix all the above ingredients together until it forms a paste.

Apply the paste to the face or body where you experience acne. Allow the paste to dry completely on the face, just as you would with a face mask.

Wash the paste off the face or body with warm water when it has completely dried.

Splash the skin with cool or cold water, and towel dry the skin.