What Are the Treatments for Hair Damaged by Peroxide?

pretty female with hair down long hair image by David Winwood from Fotolia.com

The last thing peroxide-damaged hair needs is further chemical treatment. Heal brittle, frizzy hair with natural products that seal the cuticle, provide a protective coating and add shine. While commercial products for color-damaged hair exist, consider using less expensive and all-natural vegetable oils and botanicals. You may find these chemical-free ingredients especially gentle and effective for hair damaged by peroxide, other coloring treatments, styling appliances and the environment.

Hot Oil Treatments

According to natural beauty author Dina Falconi, hot oil treatments deeply penetrate the scalp as well as the chemically-damaged hair follicles. Make your own hot oil treatment with jojoba, olive, sesame or coconut oil. Sesame oil may darken the hair somewhat, so blondes may choose to opt for a different carrier oil. In a microwave or double-boiler, gently heat a small amount of oil until it reaches just above body temperature; 100 to 105 degrees F is ideal. If using coconut oil, a semisolid product, give it time to melt. Remove the oil from the burner or microwave and apply to your head by working the oil into your hair and scalp. Use no more than 2 tsp. oil. Cover your hair with plastic wrap and a towel or cap. Leave the treatment on for at least 1 hour, then rinse and towel dry.

Herbal Infusions

Several herbal “teas” make excellent finishing rinses for damaged hair, according to Kathi Keville’s “Herbs for Health and Healing.” Botanicals that are high in protein and healing compounds leave a protective coating on the hair that gives it a shinier appearance and seals split ends. Boil 1 pint of water and pour it over above 5 tsp. dried herbs. Good choices for this herbal infusion, either alone or in combination, include comfrey, burdock root, chamomile, calendula, lavender and rosemary. Let the herbs steep for about half an hour, then strain and add 1 tbsp. vinegar. Once the mixture cools, shampoo hair and pour the herbal infusion over your hair. The treatment can either be rinsed with water or left in.

“Refrigerator” Cures

Protein and antioxidant-rich food stuffs famous for healing peroxide-damaged hair include eggs, avocado and coconut milk, notes the home remedies web site Grannymed.com. Combine half of a mashed avocado with an egg yolk. Add coconut milk until the mixture becomes a paste and work through your hair. Leave the treatment in at least 5 minutes, then rinse and towel dry. If you wish, substitute banana for avocado. Other frequently-mentioned natural treatments for color-damaged hair include using a small amount of mayonnaise instead of regular condition---leave it in between 5 minutes to an hour before rinsing---or spritzing on regular beer. The smell of the beer fades, so there isn't a need for rinsing.