Upper-Lip Hair Removal for Women

Design Pics/Design Pics/Getty Images

Upper-lip hair can be unsightly and embarrassing for women. The amount of hair a woman has can vary from peach fuzz to a coarse mustache caused by androgen overproduction or another metabolic or endocrine disorder. Either way, women have at-home and in-office options that can banish upper-lip hair and leave skin feeling smooth and looking pretty.

At-Home Techniques

A quick, inexpensive way to get rid of upper-lip hair is to wax it. Smooth the wax on the hair in the direction of growth and then give it a good rip in the opposite direction. Apply 1 percent hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera afterward to soothe the area. You can also use a cream depilatory that breaks down the sulfur bond and dissolves hair at the skin's surface. Dot the cream on your upper lip, wait three to 15 minutes and then wipe clean or rinse with warm water.

More Permanent Solutions

Talk to a board-certified dermatologist about upper-lip laser treatments. Light is used to vaporize the hair bulb and keep hair at bay for about three months. Depending on the thickness, treatments vary from two to six visits that take only a few minutes. Another option for removing dark or thick upper-lip hair is electrolysis. A flexible probe is inserted into the base of hair and destroys the follicle when it releases an electrical current. It can take a few sessions, but hair removal is permanent.