What Are the Benefits of a Steam Room?

by Elana Kluner ; Updated July 18, 2017

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Get hot and steamy while doing something good for your body. Head over to your local spa or gym, slip into a bathing suit or be bold and go nude. Lay down a towel and get ready to soak it all in. Spending at least 15 minutes relaxing in the steam room can amply benefit your health.

Pore Me a Cup

Go Ask Alice! at Columbia Health says that steaming helps to open pores and remove any particles clogged inside. This helps to to prevent acne.

Make Me Sweat

The warm temperature increases sweating and aids in cleansing. Besides regulating your body temperature, "Allure" says it also eliminates unhealthy toxins.

Go With the Flow

Spending time in the steam gets your blood flowing. Stimulating circulation increases brain function, improves organ function and makes your skin color appear richer.

The Ooh-Aahs

Steaming helps you to fully unwind by easing sore muscles and increasing flexibility.

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