How to Minimize Fine Wrinkles Under Eyes

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Fine wrinkles under the eyes can be the natural result of genetics. They may also occur because of exposure to ultraviolet light, which causes premature aging of the skin, commonly referred to as photoaging. Wrinkles can also appear because of age, which causes skin to get thinner and lose some of the elastin and collagen needed to keep it tight and stretchy. Wrinkles are especially noticeable around the eyes. However, there are a variety of ways to reduce their appearance and prevent new ones from forming.


Creams and moisturizers that are available over-the-counter can help to reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes. These creams include active ingredients, such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and are ideal for those experiencing minimal wrinkles. For deeper or multiple fine wrinkles around the eyes, prescription creams may help. These creams contain retinoids and tretinoin, which treat photoaging. The use of moisturizers, or substances like petroleum jelly, may also help, as fine wrinkles can be masked by reducing dry skin.

Medical Treatments

Medical treatments performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can help reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles. These treatments include injectable fillers, face lifts, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. They involve a variety of methods, such as pulling and tightening skin, and removing the first layer of skin to reveal a tighter, smoother and more elastic layer underneath. These methods can be expensive and have side effects; consult a medical professional before considering them.

Lifestyle Changes

Some lifestyle changes can reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles under the eyes and help prevent new ones from forming. Some of these changes include sleep habits. Wrinkles can form when skin around the eyes is crumpled against a pillow, so spending more time sleeping face-up can help. Getting plenty of sleep and avoiding fatigue helps as well, because a lack of sleep causes puffiness around the eyes and increases wrinkles. According to the Mayo Clinic, quitting smoking can improve the appearance of skin. Smoking may change the blood supply to skin, resulting in an unhealthy complexion and leathery texture. Ultraviolet light exposure also causes wrinkles, so avoiding tanning beds and wearing sunscreen outdoors can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and keep new ones from forming.

Other Remedies

Exfoliating at home by using a facial scrub or exfoliating brush will remove dead skin cells and reveal tighter and healthier skin over time. This will cause wrinkles to become much less noticeable. According to Skin Care Physicians, repetitive facial expressions performed on already weakened skin cause the grooves and lines to become permanent. It is best to avoid making the same facial expressions and movements repetitively to prevent eye wrinkles from deepening.