Your Starbucks Habit Is About to Get Worse With Their New Item

by Leah Groth ; Updated February 14, 2017

If “Would you like a scoop of ice cream with your espresso?” is one of those questions you dream of being asked by your Starbucks barista, life is about to get a whole lot more tempting. The coffee giant has revealed it is about to start testing out selling ice cream at several of its stores — but don’t expect it to be served in a cup or a cone.

According to Business Insider the chain will begin serving ice cream at more than 100 stores across the country in the form of affogatos — Italian coffee drinks made by pouring espresso or coffee on top of ice cream. The word translates to “drowned” in English, and the drink is considered a dessert in the European country it hails from.

Starbucks will offer the drinks at 10 upscale Reserve bar locations in Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C., in a variety of menu listings ranging from a Classic Affogato for $6 to a Cold Brew Malt, made with small-lot cold brew, vanilla ice cream and chocolate bitters, for $8.50.

They will also be testing more budget-minded affogatos at 100 locations in Orange County, with the most expensive offering being a $6.40 cold brew malt, similar to the $8.50 version but made with Starbucks’ Narino cold brew instead of small-lot cold brew.

Last June Starbucks’ Seattle Roastery & Tasting Room, which is basically the brand’s flagship store, started offering the Shakerato Affogato, and it quickly became one of their top sellers, inspiring them to test it on a wider scale. While a gourmet version of the drink, made with icy shaken espresso, ice cream, vanilla syrup and mint, was deemed too complex to sell nationwide, the brand began offering three affogato-style Frappuccino flavors over the summer.

Before you start indulging in daily affogatos, you may want to take into consideration the cold, not-so-sweet health stats behind the beverage. Most affogato recipes call for at least one, if not two, scoops of vanilla ice cream, with each scoop coming in at 137 to 191 calories and four to 22 grams sugar.

Depending on the size of your drink and whether there is any added chocolate or syrups, you could be consuming up to 500 calories per drink. While calorically they parallel some other drinks on the Starbucks menu (some Frappuccino drinks top 550 calories), it’s wise not to make them a daily indulgence or else you will be drinking one of your meals.

Keep in mind that in Italy affogatos aren’t just a drink — they are dessert!

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