Oreo Beer Is Officially a Thing and May Be Healthier Than Oreos

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If there are two treats that we crave after a New Year’s resolution to eat healthy, they are unquestionably beer and Oreos. But the days of having to choose between beer or cookies for your splurge are finally over, thanks to a newly released tipple: Oreo beer. Yup, this is a real thing, folks.

Oreo Beer

This stout is infused with hundreds of pounds of Oreos

Posted by LIVESTRONG.COM on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

This week, Virginia-based brewer The Veil Brewing Co. released a new Oreo beer, making our (and probably Willy Wonka’s) deepest wishes come true. The beer, dubbed the Hornswoggler, is an Oreo-infused chocolate milk stout that clocks in at 7 percent alcohol.

So is this the lower-calorie way to eat Oreos that we’ve always dreamed of? While caloric information on this new concoction isn’t yet available, your average stout beer can set you back anywhere from 153 to 220 calories and beyond. There are 130 calories in one serving of Oreos, but that’s a measly three cookies. So it depends how you’d rather spend your calories: on three cookies or on a tall glass of delicious Oreo-flavored beer?

While beer isn’t exactly splurge-free, it does have health benefits — from boosting bone health to providing antioxidants. Oreos, on the other hand, do not. In addition to being packed with sugar, the cookies are also chock-full of palm oil, which has been linked to deforestation and animal-extinction. And don’t forget that they are high in saturated fat and lots of other bad stuff.

That said, we’re thinking that this heavenly sounding brew is probably better suited for a special splurge than an everyday indulgence. Fortunately, planning ahead is part of creating a cheat-day meal that won’t derail your diet. We don’t know about you, but we think we just may have decided on our treat for this week.

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