Deodorants for Psoriasis

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For those with psoriasis, a common condition of scaly and dry skin, daily beauty and hygiene routines can be difficult. Lotions, body washes, laundry detergents and even deodorant have to be carefully selected: Sensitivity varies by person. Some products, including deodorants, are made to be safe for use by those with psoriasis.

Understanding Symptoms

As with many health conditions, there are varying types of psoriasis. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, results in lesions, known as plaques, of raised, dry and red skin appearing throughout the body. Inverse psoriasis generally appears in the skin of the armpits, under the breasts and in the groin. This condition gets worse from sweating and the movement of friction in those areas. While common, scalp and nail psoriasis do not affect the underarms and would not require deodorant.

Choosing Deodorants

When choosing skin care products, including deodorants, for psoriasis, it is best to choose gentle and sensitive skin options. Hypo-allergenic choices can also be useful in the treatment of psoriasis in the armpits. Any deodorant with strong fragrance should be avoided as the scent may include perfumes which could irritate and inflame the psoriasis of the underarm.

Best Deodorants for Psoriasis

While browsing a store's shelves to see what the options are, the first thing to remember is to never choose an antiperspirant when trying to treat psoriasis. Antiperspirants block the pores in the armpit from releasing sweat, and that blockage can aggravate psoriasis symptoms and cause buildup. Look for natural and organic deodorants to ensure they will be gentle for delicate skin. Natural deodorant brands include Kiss My Face, Tom's of Maine and Herbal Clear. Non-organic deodorant brands include Old Spice, Speed Stick, Degree and Right Guard, and are also effective for psoriasis when skin sensitivity is moderate to mild.

Psoriasis Underarm Care

With psoriasis, the easiest thing one can do to decrease symptoms is to shower daily. If an outbreak in the underarms happens regardless, at-home remedies can help the skin to heal. Wash the underarm area with salt water. Do not scrub the skin, just gently wash the inflamed region. Carefully dry the underarm. Do not apply any deodorant on skin until the redness and irritation have ceased.