How to Write a Friendship Card

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Greek philosopher Aristotle said, "Without friends, no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods." This quote highlights the key aspect that friends play in the happiness of all humans. Friendship takes form when two individuals spend time together and recognize each other's positive qualities. As the relationship grows, expressions of honesty, understanding, compassion and trust contribute to strong friendships. You can compose a card to cement a long-lasting relationship with a friend.

Outline the type of card you want to write to your friend. If you plan to use the friendship card to solidify a new friendship, tell you're the person how much you enjoy her company and what you intend to do to keep the relationship alive and well. When writing a friendship card asking for forgiveness, be sincere in expressing your regret for your words or actions. For a card of encouragement, include up supportive phrases and inspirational stories.

Write your thoughts on card stock using an ink pen. Your friend may find it heartwarming that you spent time and effort handwriting your expressions of endearment, rather than simply sending an email or text message.

Use the name of your friend as often as possible, but don't overdo it. Appropriate use of his name personalizes the card without making it seem artificial and repetitive. Consider adding your friend's name in each paragraph instead of in every sentence.

Note the reasons why the relationship with your friend is so dear. Personalize your words by including mention of some of the happy times that you have had together during your friendship. Tell your friend about her appealing attributes and how they benefit you.

Keep the tone of the card casual. However, if your friendship card is to a person of the opposite sex, avoid anything that could suggest more than friendship, since doing so could imply wrong intentions and end up jeopardizing your relationship. Avoid dramatic statements and extreme declarations of friendships. Instead, use simple, natural language that you would use in a face-to face conversation. Your friend knows your personality, and a departure from that would make the card seem contrived and insincere.