What to Write on a Broken Arm Cast

If a child is going to be stricken to a cast for several weeks, he might as well have something to read during the recovery period. Taking a few moments each day to write inspirational messages will not only take your child's mind off his injured arm; it can also encourage him to maintain a positive demeanor until the arm heals.


When your son breaks his arm, often times, his self-esteem also takes a beating. Poems, quotes of encouragement and Bible verses will lift his spirits and help him feel better about himself instead of focusing on his temporary physical shortcoming.


It has been said that laughter is the best form of healing. Your daughter can giggle and laugh her way through her downtime through reading the jokes you've written on her cast.

Riddles and Puzzles

During the period when your son is wearing his cast, he becomes limited in his physical mobility, which takes him out of being able to play outdoor games or sports with their friends. Not participating can lead to boredom. When you add a riddle or puzzle onto his cast, your son can be engrossed in trying to solve them instead of moping around the house.


You can also capture favorite memories on her cast. Sit with your daughter to remember favorite moments shared between you and her. As you are reminiscing, write down special words and phrases that will trigger these memories.

Love Notes

There is no such thing as saying "I love you" to your son or daughter too many times. A simple sentimental sentence captured on his cast can go a long way in expressing your unconditional love during your child's time of need.