Wine Party 101


0:04 hi I'm Yvette Rios here on eHow comm and

0:07 I wanted to share with you guys some

0:08 tips about how you can throw a little

0:10 wine themed party at home without

0:12 spending a dime so first of all when you

0:20 invite your guests tell them to bring

0:22 one of their favorite wines something

0:24 that they've tried that they love that

0:26 they would love to share with other

0:27 guests and then when they bring their

0:30 wine open it up and serve it because

0:32 instead of stashing this away and

0:33 grabbing something else from your

0:35 personal wine collection you're gonna

0:37 actually serve the wines that they bring

0:39 and then one of the things that I like

0:41 to do is I like to create labels for all

0:43 of my guests I just use regular old

0:46 shipping labels you can get this from

0:47 any office depot or office supply store

0:50 and you're just gonna write the people's

0:52 name right on it so let's see I'm gonna

0:56 write rosemary on this one and then I

1:00 actually put this right on the bottle of

1:02 wine when Rowe comes

1:04 put it right on her bottle and that way

1:06 everybody at the party knows which wine

1:08 is rose open them all up and let people

1:10 try the wine it's a great conversation

1:13 starter it's a great way to go up to

1:14 someone and say you know what I really

1:16 loved the bottle that Rachel brought

1:17 that was delicious Rachel where did you

1:19 find that what you know where did you

1:20 try it last it really gets the

1:22 conversation started against the party

1:24 going and you want to remember when you

1:26 do serve wines like this you want to

1:28 basically have at least one bottle of

1:31 wine for every two people so you invite

1:33 eight people open up four bottles that's

1:35 about two glasses each frankly for me

1:37 it's about a bottle of person but hey

1:39 and then when you're serving your

1:40 glasses and you're setting up everything

1:42 for your wine bar you don't have to

1:44 necessarily have all those fancy

1:45 mirrored trays and things like that you

1:47 can actually use just a plain mirror

1:49 this is a mirror I pulled right from my

1:51 wall and you just set up your glasses on

1:53 here some cocktail napkins it looks

1:56 great and it doesn't cost a cent thanks

1:58 for watching I'm Yvette Rios and keep

2:00 checking me out on eHow com