How to Pickle With Red Wine Vinegar


0:05 hi I'm Laneige Nellore with lynnae's

0:08 gourmet pickles and today I'm going to

0:10 talk about how to pickle with red wine

0:12 vinegar and you can really substitute

0:14 red wine vinegar in any sort of pickle

0:17 recipe but I found that it works really

0:19 well with a fresh crunchy garlic dill

0:22 recipe and it's great to substitute on

0:25 sandwiches and salads just for something

0:28 a little a little different in new so

0:30 what you want to do is first take a cup

0:33 of water which I have in a pan over here

0:35 and add a half a cup of red wine vinegar

0:39 and then we're going to add a tablespoon

0:43 of pickling salt so we're going to put

0:47 this on the stove and let it bring just

0:49 until it gets to a boil then you can

0:51 turn off the stove and just let it cool

0:53 while we pack our jars so we're gonna

0:55 take a glass mason jar and put a little

0:59 clove of garlic at the bottom and a

1:02 little bit of fresh dill now I love a

1:04 spicy pickle so if you'd like you can

1:06 also put some fresh jalapeno in there

1:08 that's a really nice kick that's

1:10 delicious on salads or in recipes that

1:13 call or a just a dill pickle the red

1:16 wine vinegar and the jalapenos give it a

1:18 really nice fun flavor now I cut my

1:21 pickles my cucumbers into slices you can

1:25 slice them however you'd like I'm going

1:27 to fill my jar almost all the way full

1:30 but leave a little bit of room still I'm

1:32 gonna add some more garlic and dill at

1:34 the top so I'll add another clove of

1:38 garlic and a little more fresh dill and

1:44 then I'm going to take my brine that

1:46 I've prepared from earlier and I'm going

1:50 to pour it into the jar so you want to

1:54 pour it almost all the way to the top

1:56 just leaving a little bit of headroom

1:59 now once we've done that you want to

2:02 seal it with a lid and you can do one of

2:04 two things

2:05 you can process it in a hot water bath

2:07 for ten minutes and that way it will be

2:10 shelf stable or you can just pop it in

2:12 the fridge for a couple of weeks to let

2:14 the flavors soak in and let it pickle

2:16 and

2:17 be ready to eat so this is a really

2:20 simple way to pickle with red wine

2:22 vinegar and once you've mastered this

2:24 you can try it with all of your old

2:26 pickling recipes and adding a fun new

2:29 flavor

2:36 you