Why Are Bra Sizes Always Even?


0:05 hi I'm Lori Kapler Kaplan the director

0:08 and co-founder of brought tenders in New

0:10 York City somebody asked me why bra

0:12 sizes always come in even sizes and the

0:15 answer is I don't know so I called three

0:18 friends of mine who have been in the

0:19 industry for a very long time between

0:21 the four of us we have over a hundred

0:23 years experience and nobody knew exactly

0:26 why American bra sizes come in even

0:28 sizes we speculated that it could have

0:32 something to do with the way bras are

0:34 measured starts with a measurement

0:36 around your ribcage then you measure

0:38 around the fullest part of your bust you

0:40 do a little adding you do a little

0:42 subtracting and somehow you come up with

0:44 your bra size measuring doesn't work for

0:47 me I don't do it don't use tape measure

0:49 i do it by eye it's really kind of

0:51 common sensical and after 36 years in

0:53 the business I just get it I have a bra

0:58 here from a French company named Chantal

1:00 it's an American size 32 be in the UK

1:03 it's also the same size but in Italy

1:07 it's a size to be in Europe it's a size

1:10 7 DB and in France it's an 85 be so

1:13 there seems to be no uniformity and no

1:16 standardization among bra sizes among

1:19 any of the manufacturers in any of the

1:22 countries I mean what makes a european

1:24 size 70 not a French size 85 I don't

1:30 know so it is what it is clothes come in

1:34 size 0 I don't know who comes up with

1:36 the sizes or have they get that way it's

1:38 just semantics but if you're having a

1:40 hard time finding bra that fits come on

1:43 make an appointment and come see me at

1:45 bra tenders and I'd be happy to help you

1:47 find a broad that does wonders for your

1:49 body hope you learn something and thanks

1:52 for watching we'll see you next time

1:55 you