How to Keep Bra Straps Up


0:05 hey guys it should grow Jen from the

0:08 Jennifer Pierre Signature Collection and

0:09 today we're going to talk about how to

0:11 adjust your bra straps so first you want

0:13 to make sure it's very important is that

0:16 your bra cup and your bandwidth are two

0:18 different sizes bra cup bandwidth with

0:22 the length so the first thing you want

0:24 to understand is that your breasts

0:26 support 10% of the weight so every time

0:29 you wear a bra it will always weight

0:31 down so you want to make sure you got

0:33 the right adjustable bra straps second

0:36 you want to make sure that your bra cup

0:39 is not too big for you you want to lean

0:41 over sometimes when you're in the

0:42 fitting room and fill in the cup of your

0:44 bra to make sure it's improperly if it's

0:46 not sitting properly it's not a good fit

0:49 for you and you might want to get a

0:51 smaller cup third if you want to you can

0:55 get a bra extender now what these are

0:57 going to do is it's gonna extend for

1:00 some women that have ridges and don't

1:02 really like it they can wear a camisole

1:04 bra or a bra like this with the wider

1:07 band on it which is better and you're

1:10 gonna take your bra and you're gonna put

1:12 it through here and it's gonna sit

1:19 comfortably on your back so you see

1:23 almost like a sports bra and what you're

1:25 gonna do is you're gonna pull it down

1:27 from here so the next step is you want

1:31 to make sure that the broadband is not

1:34 too large for you like I stated before

1:36 if it's too large move in one or get a

1:40 smaller size in the bra now some bras

1:43 sometimes from different countries and

1:46 states work a little different and

1:48 that's why there are different sizes so

1:50 make sure that everything is sitting

1:51 nice and fit and lastly if the bra is

1:55 not fitting right anywhere from the bra

1:57 band to the bra straps to the bra cup

2:00 it's the wrong bra for you thanks guys

2:02 and I just taught you how to adjust your

2:04 bra straps from a Jennifer Pierce

2:06 Signature Collection

2:09 you