Whey Low Side Effects

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Some people naturally crave sweets. These cravings often yield weight gains and increased blood sugar levels. However, some people need to significantly cut down their sugar intakes and must monitor their sugar levels, such as diabetic patients, whose bodies cannot easily process the sugar they consume.

Diabetics must monitor the sugar content of everything they eat. Using artificial sweeteners may reduce your daily dose of sugar. However, some consumers fear that artificial sweeteners adversely affect their bodies.

Whey Low Explained

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Whey Low is an alternative to table sugar and a substitute for cooking and baking. The product is low in calories but still tastes like white sugar. The various Whey Low products comprise a blend of three kinds of sugars: fructose, sucrose and lactose. These three components are blended to prevent full absorption in the body.

According to the makers of Whey Low, Vivalac Inc., the product is all natural and contains 75 percent less calories than sugar. Moreover, Whey Low's lower glycemic index is 70 percent to 80 percent lower than common sugar. Experts who clinically tested this product for the company concluded that Whey Low is a perfect substitute for sugar because fructose is not easily broken down by the body in the same way as ordinary sugar. According to the manufacturer's website, the unabsorbed sugars and the starch in Whey Low help fuel the growth of healthy, good bacteria in the stomach. Moreover, the unabsorbed lactose and carbohydrates may enhance the absorption of calcium in the body, Vivalac claims.

Side Effects of Whey Low

Some of the common, negative side effects of artificial sweeteners are the result of their chemical ingredients, such as saccharin and aspartame. This means that not everyone can use artificial sweeteners, especially children and pregnant women. However, Whey Low is a natural sweetener, which means that it does not contain the chemicals used in some other artificial sweeteners. The makers of Whey Low state that the product is safe with no negative side effects observed during its clinical testing and Consumer Survey.


On the other hand, Whey Low's makers state that it is a beneficial product with positive side effects. Less insulin is required to process the product, which means a diabetic's pancreas will not be stressed or overworked. Health-conscious individuals can also benefit from Whey Low, according to Vivilac, because of its prebiotic effect. Moreover, obese people or those who struggle to lose weight can still enjoy their sweet cravings by using Whey Low to sweeten their food.

Eating Right and Being Active

You can still enjoy your sweet tooth with the help of a product like Whey Low. However, healthy living takes more than using a natural alternative sweetener. Healthy food choices are the primary concern of good nutrition. Start eating nutritiously you the reward can be a stronger, healthier body. The best way to stay healthy is by engaging in an active and dynamic lifestyle.