What Side Dishes Are Good With Meatballs?


0:06 hey everyone I'm Adrian Bustamante from

0:08 YouTube's food deconstructed and today

0:10 I'm going to show you what to serve with

0:12 meatballs

0:12 well I've got my favorite on what to

0:15 serve with meatballs right here and

0:16 that's some cooked pasta with some nice

0:17 marinara sauce now what you would do is

0:19 you have two ways you can either keep

0:21 the meatballs off to the side which is

0:22 how we used to do it at home or you can

0:24 take the meatballs and place them on

0:26 your meal like so another option for you

0:29 is to make like a meatball type sandwich

0:31 now I would actually you know use nice

0:33 soft French bread and place the

0:35 meatballs inside but again my favorite

0:37 is the meatballs and pasta just like mom

0:40 used to make get some pasta on there

0:46 mm-hmm

0:56 that was a big body so there you have it

1:00 folks

1:00 a major bustamante and this has been

1:02 what to serve with meatballs