What to Eat With Grilled Shrimp


0:05 hi I'm Kent the deck chef Whitaker today

0:08 I'm going to teach you how to make a

0:09 quick simple and flavorable slaw but

0:12 we're going to do it a little bit

0:13 different because we want this to be a

0:14 side dish for shrimp now when you think

0:16 of shrimp side dishes you can think of

0:18 rice mixed vegetables hush puppies

0:21 depending on where you're eating but

0:22 we're going to do something a little bit

0:23 different with this slaw I'm going to

0:24 show you two quick ways to do it first

0:26 I'm going to start off with get some

0:28 cabbage just shredded cabbage I like a

0:30 little bit of a long mixed piece long

0:33 runs a couple of short ones to give it a

0:35 little bit different kind of texture and

0:37 it's that just the regular slaw or

0:39 cabbage everybody's used to I'm gonna

0:41 add in some red cabbage for a little bit

0:44 of color because you don't want it to be

0:46 too dull so what I'm gonna do is just

0:48 add in a little bit of the cabbage the

0:50 red I kind of do a 1 to 3 type of method

0:53 on this I've got 3 parts of the white

0:55 cabbage I've got 2 parts of the second

0:59 color cabbage the red cabbage you know

1:01 kind of make it up for your own eye

1:02 because I want it to be a little bit

1:04 more vibrant and then you add in your 1

1:06 part of maybe a green or a red pepper

1:09 what you're looking for is color instead

1:10 of just boring white slaw and if your

1:13 kids don't like the word of mango slaw

1:15 tell them it's a mango salad they'll

1:16 love it so we got the the red cabbage

1:19 the white cabbage the the sliced red

1:22 peppers and then right there you can

1:23 kind of stop and if you want to make a

1:25 traditional slaw where you're thinking

1:27 about a creamy one you can go ahead and

1:29 put in some mayonnaise right here maybe

1:31 a shot of Dijon mustard something like

1:33 that to where you can just have your

1:35 basic kind of creamy slaw if you want to

1:37 go a little bit further with the mangoes

1:39 here's what you do you're just gonna get

1:41 a mango just one when you cut it you

1:45 want to have bite-size kind of pieces

1:47 because what you want to do is make sure

1:49 that everybody has a little bit in their

1:51 mango if you don't know it has a stone

1:53 in it and it's a little bit hard to cut

1:55 sometimes so this is kind of the yield

1:56 for one mango so we're gonna add some

1:58 mango in there just to add her in so we

2:03 got to the cabbage the peppers the mango

2:06 next thing we're going to do is just add

2:08 a little bit of parsley for a little bit

2:10 more color

2:12 a little bit of red onion a little bit

2:17 more color and then I'm going to add in

2:22 the juice of one lime you can use lemon

2:25 if you don't have it

2:26 none of these ingredients have to be in

2:28 there it's kind of if you want to do it

2:29 what you have in your own kitchen don't

2:30 stress out on it so we're going to add a

2:32 little bit of lemon juice in there or a

2:35 lime juice just a little bit of a

2:38 cilantro or parsley if you don't have

2:41 cilantro I already got parsley in there

2:42 so we're just going to add a little bit

2:43 of Brown cilantro just for extra flavor

2:45 and a little bit of a ground ginger and

2:50 of course you don't have ginger don't

2:51 worry about it you can use something

2:52 else whatever your favorite ingredients

2:54 are so we've got kind of an Asian slaw

2:56 going on here so what we're going to do

2:58 is add some rice vinegar you can use

3:02 apple vinegar if you don't have rice

3:03 vinegar just pour some in there to your

3:06 own taste and what's going to happen

3:08 that's probably about three tablespoons

3:09 right there what's going to happen is

3:12 you're going to let this if you do the

3:13 mayonnaise slaw you can let it sit for

3:15 about 30 minutes if you do the vinegar

3:17 version you need to let that sit for

3:19 about an hour and that flavor really

3:21 gets going in there then a little bit

3:24 extra flavor right here just a little

3:26 bit of a sesame oil just add that in

3:30 like that and for my sweet tooth you got

3:34 to use a little bit of honey and this is

3:36 a local hunting here and it's real slow

3:39 so you get the idea

3:41 add a little bit of honey this is good

3:42 thick stuff when you get that all ready

3:45 to go just stir it up mix it up well you

3:49 can look at it to see what you're

3:51 lacking I've still got extra ingredients

3:53 here so I want a little bit more of the

3:56 pepper for more color and I'm going to

3:58 use the rest of the mango and that way

4:02 I've got a pretty good color combination

4:04 going and what I'm going to do is let

4:07 this sit covered in a refrigerator chill

4:10 it out for about an hour and then serve

4:12 it up with some shrimp we're going to be

4:13 doing on the grill that's how you can

4:15 make an easy mango slaw or an easy

4:17 creamy slaw with a little bit of Dijon

4:19 mustard I'm Kent the deck chef Whitaker

4:21 check me out on line at the deck chef

4:22 comm and look to my cookbooks anywhere

4:24 any bookstore and get them there

4:26 thanks for watching hope you enjoy

4:34 you