Potato Salad Recipe


0:01 Hi! I'm Josiah Own with Expert Village. Now we're going to be making our potato salad.

0:07 This is our first variation. You start off by adding 2 whole baked potatoes in there,

0:15 throw come chopped celery and some diced green peppers. Throw a hand full of our yellow onions,

0:24 and then about a cup and a half o Miracle Whip. After that about a 2 tablespoons of

0:44 brown spicy mustard and a good heaping tablespoon of sweet pickle relish and some horseradish

0:59 sauce. Some fresh horseradish is so good in this. I'm going to add some salt and pepper

1:10 to taste. Then we're going to just mix this up. You want to let this sit over night, or

1:18 if you don't have the time try to let it sit for at least a couple hours that all the flavors

1:22 are mixed together. There you go, potato salad.