What Is Hawaiian Salt?

HansJoachim/iStock/Getty Images

Using Hawaiian red or black salt is a simple way to add a vibrant pop of color and crunch to your meals. These salts owe their striking color and earthy flavor to other elements that manufacturers mix with the salt. Luckily, you don’t need to book a flight to Hawaii to find them; Hawaiian salt is available at gourmet food retailers and spice shops.

Hawaiian-Style Salts

Hawaiian red salt comes from the Hawaiian tradition of mixing volcanic alaea clay with coarse white salt, producing granules that range from pale pink to dark red. Red alaea salt is also sold finely ground, which somewhat diminishes the impact of its flavor and color. Hawaiian black salt, also called black lava salt, blends coarse white sea salt with activated charcoal. Both salts are perfect as a finishing touch for seafood, fruit salsas and tender pork.