What is a Medallion Cut of Meat?

Meat counter in market

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A medallion cut of meat is a circular piece of meat. You can buy this cut already prepared by your butcher or take any meat you have and cut it into medallions. Many recipes call for this particular cut.


Although beef tenderloin is the most common medallion, there also are medallion cuts of lamb, turkey, elk venison, veal, alligator, caribou, kangaroo, buffalo, pork, lobster and even hot dogs.


Medallions of meat are prepared in a variety of ways, including wrapped with bacon, in sauces, with jellies or chutney, breaded, with wine, seasoned or pounded thin into scaloppini.


The recommended thickness of a medallion cut of meat is 1 to 1 1/2 inches for a steak, or a half to three-quarter inch if you tenderize it with a meat mallet.


Medallions of meat are considered the most tender and juicy cuts of meat if prepared at the recommended medium-rare temperature.


If you partially freeze the meat you plan to cut into medallions, you will be able to slice it more thinly.