What Do Different Diamond Shapes Mean?

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A diamond is the traditional stone for an engagement ring. The different shapes of the diamond allow brides to show off their own personal style. The shape is often referred to in the jewelry industry as the cut. The shape of the diamond can affect the price of the ring. Diamond shapes don't have a set meaning, but the shape of the gem can imply personality traits. Since diamonds are expensive, and they last forever, choose a shape that you will want to wear often.

Round Diamonds

The round shape is one of the most common cuts in diamonds. This shape has up to 108 facets, which means it can hide flaws in the stone. Round (or brilliant) diamonds indicate that the bride is traditional and wants a classic engagement ring. The round shape is also a symbol of eternity, because there is no ending and no beginning.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are traditional and different at the same time. Your engagement ring will still be different from all of your friends' rings. The oval shape is still a classic diamond shape. It's the perfect shape for a bride who wants to combine tradition and personality.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess-cut diamonds look like a square. This cut has become popular for diamond engagement rings in recent years. The clean lines indicate that the diamond shape is suited to a more modern bride. This shape may show more flaws in the stone than a round diamond. Princess-cut stones are often set in a plain, polished band with few accent stones. The princess cut is prevalent in the "past present and future" ring style.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are also called teardrop-shaped diamonds. This shape provides the wearer with options. They can either wear the point of the ring so it faces up or down. This shape of diamond works well for a woman who likes versatility.

Heart-Cut Diamonds

The heart is a symbol of love. A heart cut diamond is one of the few shapes that most people will be able to guess the technical term for. The heart-shaped diamond is perfect to convey romance.

Various Diamond Shapes

The marquise shape of diamond has a point at both ends. A marquise diamond implies that it will be worn by a woman who doesn't follow the trends, she sets them instead. An emerald-cut diamond looks like a rectangle. The elongated shape of diamond can make your stone seem bigger than it actually is, so this shape works well for a woman who likes to show off.