What Are the Different Types of Diamond Cuts?

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Not all diamonds are the same, and one noticeable difference can be found in the cut. The cut of a diamond determines the style of the piece it is put in. There are six major types of diamond cuts, round brilliant, oval, pear, marquise, heart and emerald, among others.

Round Brilliant

Round diamonds are the most common cut, and they make up more than 75 percent of diamonds sold, according to the Diamond Buying Guide (see References).


Oval diamonds are long and round, and on rings, the cut provides the illusion of longer fingers. Oval diamonds are known for reflecting light well.

Marquise and Pear

Marquise diamonds are similar to oval. They are long and thin, but marquise cut diamonds are thicker in the middle and more pointed on the ends. Pear-shaped diamonds are a combination of marquise and oval diamonds, creating a teardrop shape.


A heart-shaped diamond is shaped like an oval diamond with a cleft on top, which creates the heart shape. A heart-shaped diamond that is evenly proportioned can be difficult to find.


Emerald cuts are long and rectangular. They are prone to breakage because they often have internal flaws.

Other Types

Princess-cut diamonds are modern and square or rectangular in shape with pointed edges. Like the oval, they look good on hands with long fingers, according to Diamond Buying Guide. Trilliant cut diamonds are triangular in shape. Radiant cut diamonds are a combination of emerald and round diamonds, and are square or rectangular in shape with rounded edges. Cushion-cut diamonds are an older style that is large and oval in shape.