What Are the Benefits of Perfume Oils?

We all like to smell good and it is quite an annoyance when the scent you are wearing fades away after only a short while. But this doesn't have to be the case. There are many reasons why perfume oils make sense, even outside their soft fragrance.

Contains No Alcohol

Most spray perfumes have alcohol (ethyl) in them, making them difficult for many people to wear and smell. Perfume oils contain no alcohol and have a milder fragrance so they are easier for people to breathe in.

Oils Keep Their Smell Longer

Since the skin naturally absorbs oils, the scent gets locked away in the pores, prolonging the fragrance. Spray perfumes wear off quicker since once sprayed onto the skin the alcohol immediately begins to evaporate.

More Affordable

Though you may spend the same on a small bottle of pure fragrance oils as you would spray perfumes, perfume oil lasts longer since you need less of it to get the same result. Just one dab of perfume oil behind the ear or on the wrist will last all day.

Easier To Ship

Not all things can be shipped overseas and spray perfume is one of them due to the alcohol content. In fact, shipping spray perfumes overseas can lead to legal fines. However, perfume oils can be shipped without any hassle.

Purchasing Perfume Oils

Perfume oils can be purchased anywhere perfume sprays can, such as your local drug stores, big box stores such as Walmart and Target, and cosmetic counters in the mall. Perfume oils can also be purchased at health food stores in their personal care section. Online is another popular option to order perfume oils, though the disadvantage is not being able to sample the smell before purchasing.

Cost of Perfume Oils

Where you buy your perfume oil will affect how much you pay. Perfume oils can be purchased for under $10 at Walgreens and Riteaid. However, perfume oils purchased at high-end cosmetic counters can run $25 per ounce and up.