Ways to Get a Film Off of Glass Lenses

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Any number of things could produce a film on glass lenses. People who wipe their eyeglasses with the corner of their shirts may not realize that remaining fabric softener in clothes can leave a film. Camera lenses may get a fingerprint smudge even with the utmost care and frequent use of the lens cap. Removing the film can be a challenge at times .

Soap and Water

There’s nothing like good old soap and water when it comes to cleaning some things. Many dishwashing liquids are designed to clean oily substances from drinking glasses and can also clean eyeglasses. Wet eyeglasses first before cleaning and use a mild soapy water mix. In the case of a stubborn film, place a drop of mild soap directly on the lens and rub lightly between your fingers before rinsing thoroughly. Only use a microfiber or other soft cloth to dry your glasses because paper products can scratch the lens. Since glass lenses are made from many different types of material these days and some contain scratch-resistant coatings, read the instructions included with your glasses or talk to your optician to make sure the type of soap used will not create further problems.


The acid in the vinegar can dissolve the film while not being so harsh that it damages the glass surface. Rinse first, then spray a little vinegar and water mix or place a drop or two of straight vinegar onto your eyeglass lenses and rub with a microfiber cloth. Repeat if the film is stubborn. Remember that sometimes scratched glass may appear smudged. If your glasses are scratched, replacement may be necessary.

Eyeglass Cleaning Products

If you are concerned about damaging your glasses with ordinary household products or just don’t want to take a chance with expensive prescription glasses, choose a product recommended specifically for your eyeglasses. Glass cleaning kits may be available that include a microfiber cloth and a liquid solution or premoistened wipes.

Ultrasonic Machine

Ultrasonic machines clean using energy waves to loosen dirt particles and grease from both glasses and jewelry. Simply fill the reservoir with water, place the glasses in the water and turn it on, leaving for the specified amount of time before removing and drying with a microfiber or other soft cloth.

Camera Lens Cleaning Kits or Products

If you love to take pictures, the last thing you want is a stubborn film on your camera lens. A lens cleaning kit made specifically for camera lenses should work well. These kits usually include cleaning fluid and a cloth. Other products are also available, including a lens pen that uses a dry carbon compound and a felt pad to clean without liquid. Some people use a diluted ethyl alcohol solution to clean, but avoid rubbing alcohol because it contains other compounds which may exacerbate the problem.