Veterans Day Poster Ideas

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As part of Veterans Day activities, many schools encourage students to design posters or to even compete in a Veterans Day poster contest. When determining the type of poster you want to create, decide if you want to focus on a particular veteran's impact on your life or if you want to focus more on a particular conflict or even a branch of service. Use pictures to stir emotion and to create a vivid poster that will attract interest from your classmates.

Family Hero

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When creating a Veterans Day poster, students can focus on a family member who is a veteran. Students can include an assortment of photos of that individual on the poster (both photos depicting the person while in the military and photos that reflect a non-military life). Kids can draw copies of any medals the relatives have received, and they can include information about the person's branch of military service.

Particular War Or Conflict

For a broader historical approach, students can pick a particular war or conflict and design a poster to match that conflict. Students can search magazines, newspapers or the Internet for pictures of monuments dedicated to the veterans who fought in these wars, and the students can attach the photos to their posters. Students can also include statistical figures about participating military men and women, as well as trivia about the wars.

Branch of Military Service

The poster that students design can focus on a particular branch of the U.S. military. Students can visit local recruitment offices in order to get pamphlet material to include with their posters. If students do not have veterans in their families, they can visit the local office of Veterans Affairs to make a contact in the community. The office will be able to connect the student with an individual who can answer his questions.

As an example, if the student is focusing on the army, he can include pictures of army training and photos of army members during war time. He can also include images of important monuments that have been erected in honor of fallen army members, as well as a selection of images for army medals.

Thank You

Since Veterans Day is celebrated to honor the service of all veterans, then focus on a theme of thanks for your poster. Use images and words to convey your appreciation for the sacrifices that veterans have made. The image of the American flag often stirs feelings of patriotism in citizens, so you can use this image or other strong, emotional pictures to generate emotions in the viewer. You can also show images that depict the sacrifices veterans have made, and images that show the veterans in full military regalia. Overlay a message of thanks above the images to highlight your appreciation for the veterans.