Veggies to Complement a Pork Roast

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Pork roast is typically cut from the loin of a pig, taken from the meaty area along the back and ribs. The resulting dish has sweet and succulent meat, commonly served in slices alongside vegetables. Not every vegetable will complement a pork roast’s defined flavor. The vegetables you select to serve with a pork roast should work in conjunction with the meat’s undertones.


Carrots will complement the sweet flavor of pork and absorb the subtle flavors of the meat. Add whole carrots to the side of the roast before baking to maintain the flavor of the carrot. Chop up the carrots after the roast is cooked before serving. The outside will taste of sweet pork while the inside will retain its flavor. Alternatively, slice the carrots into bite-size pieces and place them around the roast, before baking, to infuse thoroughly with the meat’s flavor.

Green Beans

Serve cooked green beans alongside a pork roast as a complementing flavor. The fresh flavor of the green beans will act as a palette cleanser between bites of the pork roast. Sprinkle both the green beans and pork roast lightly with salt to blend the two. If you would like to infuse the beans with the flavor of the pork, bake the roast on a bed of precooked green beans.


Onions will complement the inherent sweetness of a pork roast with a fresh and slightly pungent taste. Purchase pureed or minced onions and spread a thin layer over the top of the pork before roasting. As an alternative, halve several large, white onions and set the pork on top of them prior to cooking. Do not serve the halved onions with the pork roast.

Bell Peppers

Sliced bell peppers have a light and fresh flavor that complements the richness of pork. Use a variety of bell peppers, including red, yellow and green, and slice them into thin strips. Lay the strips over the top of the roast 15 minutes before it is done cooking. Serve the sliced bell peppers alongside the pork roast, or lay the meat on a bed of peppers for presentation.