Uses for Internal Frankincense

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Frankincense, one of the oldest forms of incense, is burned so it can be inhaled, according to Mountain Rose Herbs. However, frankincense is sometimes consumed as a tea for a variety of health benefits. When frankincense is used internally, it is often mixed with myrrh or cress. Frankincense is not officially used by the modern medical community -- but the oil has many traditional uses found among alternative health practicioners.

Astringent Properties

Organic Facts says frankincense -- when consumed internally -- strengthens gums and hair roots, tones skin and helps muscles contract.

Gas Removal

Frankincense is capable of removing gases from the intestines, giving relief from stomach pain and problems with the small intestines, says Organic Facts. Frankincense can also help improve the digestive system by helping regulate digestive acids. The digestive properties come from frankincense speeding up the digestive system, which allows food to pass through the body so that acids do not eat away at the stomach over a long period of time.

Human Cells

Frankincense helps regulate healthy cells in the body, according to Organic Facts. Cells regenerate more quickly and tissues are kept strong and healthy. You drink the frankincense in a tea or inhale the aromatic essential oils to get the benefits of this natural medicine.

Water Removal

Frankincense acts as a diuretic, which means that it's capable of removing water from the body. This can be dangerous if you're dehydrated -- but if you need to lower your blood pressure, frankincense will help release salts through urine. The diuretic function also helps improve kidney function, according to Yoga Wiz.

Relaxing Properties

The sedative properties of frankincense will calm and relax you. Frankincense can be used to relieve anxiety, anger and stress, according to Organic Facts.

Pain Relief

Internal frankincense can help relieve muscular pain because of its astringent properties, which has the ability to tighten tissues and hold these tissues in place, according to Organic Facts. Frankincense can also be used to relieve mild pain, including joint pain.

Meditation and Prayer

Because of frankincense’s tradition as a tool for meditation and prayer, this oil is used during yoga and Tibetan meditation, according to Tibet-Incense. Prayer and meditation are helped by the soothing effects of frankincense.