Types of Hair Bows

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Hair bows are an accessory worn to enhance a hairstyle. There are several types of hair bows including the single loop, multiloop and synthetic hair bows. Hair bows are popular accessories for babies, and are attached to headbands, hair clips and barrettes. Commonly made from ribbon, hair bows come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.


Since ancient Egypt, hair has been adorned and clipped back with a variety of ornaments. Hair ornamentation began to evolve and in Greece, women began to wear jeweled tiaras. The use of ribbon in hair was originally for men. Chinese men wore their hair long, braided and tied with a silk ribbon. By the 18th century in Europe, women and men wore elaborate wigs that were tied back with bows.

The Single Bow

The single bow has two loops and is usually made from ribbon. The bow is tied the same way you would tie your shoes. Bows can be worn as headbands, or they can be glued to hair clips, barrettes and rubber bands.

Multiloop Bow

The multiloop bow is more elaborate and features several loops. The loops are layered on top of each other and secured in the middle with wire. Multi-loop bows are also known as graduated bows.

Bows for Babies

Hair bows are a popular accessory for baby girls. Headbands, barrettes and crowns are are the most comfortable hair bow for a baby. Bows are attached to an elastic band for added comfort and security. Hair bows for babies are often arranged in clusters, featuring brightly colored ribbon and silk flowers.

Synthetic Hair Bows

Synthetic hair is tied into a bow and then attached to clips or headbands. These bows blend into a person's natural hair. Synthetic hair bows also come in bright, vibrant colors such has hot pink, neon green and purple.