Types of Body Odor

When most people think of body odor, they will think of the smell emitted from an individual's armpits after the person has been sweating for a while. This is true, however, there are several different forms of body odor. In fact, body odor can come from all over your body, from your breath all the way down to the oil emitted from your skin.


Halitosis is one of the most common forms of body odor. This is when a large amount of bacteria grows inside of the mouth, whether it be in between the teeth or on the tongue, and creates "bad breath." True, this isn't the only cause of bad breath, and eating garlic or other pungent foods can cause unfavorable smells. Halitosis not only will make your breath smell like something is rotting in your mouth, but it can cause cavities and gum diseases if not treated as well.


If you have ever been at the gym or been out walking on a warm day and seen something sweating excessively, even without working out, it may be occurring because they have hyperhydrosis. This is a condition in which people sweat more than normal, and if they do not shower often, body odors will emit from their armpits, feet and other areas of the body.


This is a body odor everyone has experienced multiple times in their life. When food is being digested there may be an excess amount of air swallowed or simply the food isn't being broken down completely by the digestive enzymes. This will cause individuals to burp. Burps will often have a different body odor that will vary in smell due to the individual and the kind of bacteria being used to break down the food.


Trimethylaminuria is a skin disorder that is passed on genetically. The parents don't necessarily have the disorder to pass it to their children, but it will greatly increase the likelihood of the children obtaining trimethylaminuria if the parents do have it. Individuals with the disorder will often smell strangely like fish. This fish odor will be emitted from almost all parts of their bodies, from their seat to breath and even their urine.

Puberty Body Odor

Most individuals don't experience an increase in their body odor until they hit puberty. This is because the apocrine glans become active and will begin emitting the body's natural odor. The amount of odor can increase due to many circumstances, such as stress. Individuals with more hair follicles will sweat more, which is why most men will sweat far more than women (although this isn't always the case).