Top 10 Things to Do for Your Birthday

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First of all, happy birthday! It's your day, so think about some things that you would like to do for yourself. You don't get very many days during the year to pamper yourself, so you should live it up on your birthday. Whether you think big or small or a little in between, there are simple pleasures in life that everyone can take part in. Check out these top 10 things to do for your birthday.


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1) Get some extra rest. If you don't have to get up and go to work, enjoy getting in some additional hours of sleep. It's not often that you sleep in without the guilt, so live it up. 2) Eat an indulgent breakfast. Since it is your birthday, this is not a suggestion for you to cook. Whether it be by yourself or with friends, go have breakfast at one of your favorite breakfast restaurants. Splurge by eating something your diet wouldn't regularly let you consume. After all, calories don't count on your birthday. 3) Take some extra time just for yourself. Give yourself a facial and a pedicure. If you have some extra cash, drive up to your local day spa and have them beautify your tootsies. Better yet, take some friends along with you. For males, splurge on a deep body massage. Most day spas offer sports massages as well.


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4) Go to your favorite clothing store and buy yourself a new outfit. Most people feel great when sporting some new duds. If money is tight, go to a discount store and buy a new belt or a new pair of shoes. 5) Go to your favorite bookstore and buy the latest and greatest book on the bestsellers list. If you are not into reading novels, purchase your favorite magazine. 6) Meet a good friend for lunch and/or coffee. Talk about this past year and the things that you have learned. How have you changed since last year? 7) Put on your workout clothes and go to the gym. Having a good workout will start your next year off right. Spend some extra time and sit in the sauna.


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8) Open a bottle of your favorite wine or make your favorite cocktail. Enjoy your beverage by listening to a few of your favorite songs. 9) Eat dinner at a restaurant that you have never been to before. Drive to a nearby city and try a new cuisine. 10) Sample some nightlife. Go to a nightclub with friends. If you don't usually have the chance to get out and dance, try out your dance moves on your birthday. If you don't prefer nightclubs, find a piano bar or jazz bar.