Toasts & Roasts Ideas

Roasts are becoming a common way to celebrate close friends in a completely humiliating fashion. If your friend has a solid ego and can handle teasing, then a roast might be a perfect way to show your affection. mentions not to get too personal. Therefore, avoid matters told in secret or that are serious in nature.

Embarrassing Program

Most events have programs that outline the upcoming attractions of the night. Instead of a traditional program, distribute one that includes a portfolio of embarrassing photos and quotes. Use your friend's profile page on social networking sites to get incriminating pictures and messages from his friends.

Dress Mockumentary

Make fun of her outfits and personal style by using her as the target in a mock-makeover-type reality show. A few days before the roast, videotape her walking around. Assemble a documentary-like video that includes commentary about her hair and her clothes by her friends and family.

Enhance the video by finding a really attractive person of the opposite sex and asking him to give his (rehearsed) first impression of her style. Show him the pictures or video in advance, and instruct him beforehand to say really unflattering things. Give him a moment to prep for this “improvisational” interview. Have him make comments like, “That’s how my little sister dressed in sixth grade,” or, “I thought I saw her at a Blondie concert a few decades ago.” Continue these interviews with several other attractive people.

Favorite Song Performance

Ruin his favorite song by using it to make fun of him. Gather everyone involved in the toast to choreograph and sing his favorite song. Completely change the lyrics to reflect on his most embarrassing moments.

Exaggerate the style of the singer and the musical style. For example, if his favorite song is jazz-themed, borrow actual saxophones to use as a prop and wear fedoras and suspenders.

Throughout the song, lean over where he is sitting and sing directly to him. Ask one of the girls to include him in the dance by dancing with him for a few minutes of the song as well.

Dating Impersonation

Make a video to show at the toast of a friend impersonating the roastee. Have her using the same clothes, accessories and hairstyle as the person. Instruct the friend to adopt the quotes, mannerisms and habits of the person.

Film the friend as she introduces herself and negatively exaggerates the personality of the roastee. Have her approach attractive men and say obnoxious things like, “My name is Judy and I study accounting. Really, I’m only studying it because I’m not smart enough to get into law school.” Or, “I like guys like you, but I dumped one to date my best friend’s hot brother.”