Tips on Baking Moist Cupcakes From Scratch

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No one wants to bite into a dry, crumbly cupcake. Avoid this by making sure you use the right ingredients and the right techniques when you're baking from scratch. Keep practicing until each batch is moist and flavorful. Whether you want standard yellow cupcakes, red velvet or a specialty flavor, you can make them a success with some cupcake know-how.

Cupcake Flour

Recipes for cupcakes are divided on which type of flour is the most suitable to produce a dense and flavorful cupcake that does not crumble. For the best results, all-purpose flour is typically the winner. While many recipes tell you to sift the flour, this too can produce a cupcake that is overly airy and lacking substance. Start your cupcakes off right by reaching for standard, all-purpose flour for the base and skipping the sifting stage to create a well-textured cupcake that remains moist.

Don't Skimp on Fat

To create a moist and rich cupcake from scratch, it is essential you use quality ingredients in the correct proportions. Full-fat ingredients, like whole milk, buttermilk and sour cream, yield the best texture in the finished product. Choose butter over margarines or oils to create moist cupcakes that shine. Eggs are also an important component of any cupcake-making project. Eliminate one or two egg whites from your recipe to make a richer cupcake that holds together and browns well.

Cupcake Mixing

How you mix is important when making any baked good. While the creaming method, where you mix the butter and sugar together and add eggs , then add other dry and wet ingredients, is traditional for cupcake recipes, your ingredient order makes little discernible difference to the finished product. Use a hand mixer, stand mixer or mix by hand to make the batter. Avoid over-mixing the batter, but make sure all ingredients are well mixed and all the flour is incorporated.

Baking Moist Cupcakes

Overcooking will make your cupcakes dry. Avoid this problem by testing them with a wooden toothpick or skewer inserted into the center of the cupcake when they should be almost done. If it comes out clean, the cupcakes are done. If not, reset your timer for a few more minutes and retest them when it goes off. Once you remove the pan from the oven, lift the cupcakes from the pan with a small knife and transfer them to a wire rack for cooling to stop the cooking process that would continue for a few more minutes if you left the cupcakes in the pan.