Things to Do With Tassels After Graduation

One common things that many graduates do with their tassels upon graduating is hang them from the rear-view mirror of their automobile. While that is a method that is good for showing your tassel to your friends, the prolonged exposure to sunlight will discolor it. Consider some other options to display your tassel to keep it looking as fresh as the day you graduated.

Scrapbook It

A scrapbook contains precious memorabilia that can be revisited throughout the years. By placing your graduation tassel within the scrapbook you can preserve it for many years to come, prevent discoloration from sunlight exposure and also prevent the ends from fraying.

Frame It

Place your tassel in a frame with your diploma or degree. Purchase a picture mat to go inside of the frame. Cut an opening in the mat to match the length and width of the tassel. The new opening can be cut on the top, bottom or side of the mat, depending upon your preference. If you don't feel comfortable cutting the mat yourself, you can have it cut at your local frame shop.

Bookmark It

If you love to read, consider making your own bookmark. Use a hole puncher to make a small hole near the top of a basic bookmark. Insert the end of your tassel into the hole and tie it in a knot to secure it. Add lamination to your bookmark to prolong the life of it.