These are Your 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Actual Meanings

by robenrutherford

If you’re average, you have about 1,460 dreams a year–four per night (most happen during the fifth stage of your sleep cycle. Here’s the thing about dreams–they’re not to be taken literally, yet they all mean something. Think of them as cryptic messages–our brains often use metaphorical symbolism to reveal our inner conflicts. Scary, right? Not if you can crack your brain’s code. We’ll get you started with the most common ones…

1. You had “Sexy Times” With Your Ex
No, you don’t really want to get back together with your ex–this dream doesn’t typically mean that. It means you’re seeking excitement, passion, a thrill back in your life. When you dream about your ex, you’re going back to a time when you were footloose and fancy-free without a care in the world. Fun times with your ex is a hint to you feeling insecure with your looks, your ambition, your current existence in general. You’re looking back to a time you were loved and attractive to the opposite sex.

2. You Hooked Up With a Celebrity Not surprisingly, the first two dream interpretations are related to sex. That’s because sexual dreams are super common–they make up approximately 9 percent of all dreams, and they reveal a lot about one’s psyche. Sex with a celebrity means you’re ambitious, and working toward a goal. Maybe you want what the celebrity has, be it money, fame, or career success. Nothing wrong with a little ambition.

3. Your Hair or Teeth Fell Out You’re a little insecure about your looks. Maybe you noticed a few more grey hairs, a new wrinkle–in short, you’re noticing yourself aging. Everyone gets older, don’t beat yourself up over it.

4. You Were on a Roller Coaster or Water Slide This is one of those rare fairly straightforward dreams. You’re feeling the brutal ups and downs of life, or you feel like the rat race is getting to be too much. This signifies you need more fun (or at the very least, more leisure) in your life. Less late nights at the office wouldn’t hurt either–there’s a serious lack of balance in your life.

5. You Were Naked in Public A classic! Walking around naked in public means you’re afraid your deepest, darkest insecurities will be exposed to the outside world–especially to those whose opinion you value. What are you hiding?

6. A Cherished Family Member Made an Appearance Many people often say that this means your family member is “visiting” you, making an otherworldly connection. Who knows? However, dream analysts say it means that you’re having a difficult time in your life, and the thought of this person is a great comfort. Either way, a pretty cool dream.

7. You Forgot to do Something of Major Importance This takes a few forms. Some people realize they forgot to take their college finals, or maybe they forget to attend class all year and then have to take the final. Maybe you forgot to turn in a vital project at work. These are all anxiety dreams and actually signify unresolved stress in your life. I hate these dreams.

8. Someone was Chasing You A very common dream–I think it’s safe to say most of us have had this one at least once. Analysis of this dream doesn’t mean you’re really being chased though, it’s means you’re avoiding a real-life emotion, feeling–maybe even an important decision.

9. You Were Flying This one’s tricky. If you were flying really high off the ground–like airplane height, it usually means you’ve overcome something and feel victorious–you’re overjoyed and you feel indestructible. If you were flying low–like among power lines and trees, you’re frustrated with something in your life–you can’t fly free because of the low-profile obstructions.

10. You Were Falling for What Seemed Like Forever Something in your life is out of control, man. This is textbook Dreams 101. You really need to figure out what it is and fix it. Easier said than done, but the good thing is that you probably know what that thing in your life is.