The Rice-to-Water Ratio for a Rice Cooker


0:05 hi i'm barbara italiano from goose

0:07 Valley Natural Foods today I'm going to

0:09 teach you about the water to rice ratio

0:11 when using a rice cooker different

0:14 varieties of rice require different

0:16 amounts of water to cook properly for

0:19 water rice the for one cup of while if

0:22 you want to use two and a half cups of

0:24 water and the cook time is forty-five to

0:27 fifty-five minutes unless I'm using a

0:30 quick cook wild rice which is 25 25 to

0:34 35 minutes for brown rice blend the

0:37 water ratio is two cups of water to one

0:40 cup of rice and the cook time is 30 to

0:42 40 minutes and for the for white rice

0:45 the water ratio is one and a half cups

0:48 of water to one cup of rice and the cook

0:51 time is between 20 and 40 minutes so

0:54 cooking times may vary depending on the

0:55 type of rice cooker you're using so get

0:57 to know your rice cooker and I like to

1:00 start by maybe using a half a cup less

1:03 of water to start and because you can

1:06 always add more water at the end you

1:10 know if you put too much water at the

1:11 beginning you'll be left with overcooked

1:13 machine rice so by decreasing the water

1:16 by a half cup it's a good trip until you

1:20 know the first few times that you're

1:21 using a rice cooker to see how hot it

1:23 runs

1:36 you