The Best Way to Freeze Deer Meat

deer image by Henryk Olszewski from

The hunt was successful and you now have pounds of deer meat processed and ready to be packaged for meals in the future. The best way to freeze deer meat is to have it quick frozen at a meat packing plant, but when that is not possible, you can package your meat for the freezer at home.

Divide the meat into meal sized portions. For instance, if you normally cook two steaks per meal, stack two steaks together. Burgers can be separated into half-pound, pound or two-pound portions.

Wrap several layers of plastic wrap around the individual meal portions, pressing out as much air as possible from the package.

Tear off a sheet of butcher paper, three times larger than the plastic wrapped meat package.

Place the plastic wrapped meat package three to four inches from one corner of the butcher paper. Fold the corner up over the package. Bring the left corner of the butcher paper toward the package and pull it taut over the meat. Flatten the edge with the palm of your hand. Repeat this fold with the right corner of the paper. Roll the meat package upward, folding as needed, to thoroughly cover the package in butcher paper.

Secure the loose end with butcher or masking tape. Label the package with the date and contents. Freeze immediately.