The Best Way to Cut a White Cabbage


0:06 i'm debrah gardening with quirky gourmet

0:08 today i'm going to show you the best way

0:10 to cut a white cabbage now cabbages can

0:15 be pretty big so when you cut them you

0:18 want to break them down into smaller

0:21 pieces so that you can just cut them a

0:26 little more gracefully now a green

0:29 cabbage is sometimes referred to as a

0:32 white cabbage because as you get closer

0:35 to the center see here's the green outer

0:38 leaves they get whiter and they're

0:41 definitely whiter than a red cabbage so

0:47 the best way to cut one of these is to

0:50 use first of all a big sharp knife and

0:52 you want to cut it in half first if

0:57 you're using a really big cabbage you'll

1:00 probably want to cut it halfway around

1:03 and then put the knife in and work the

1:06 other way as well but this one is a nice

1:08 size to work with there is a core inside

1:11 sometimes the core is nice and small

1:13 sometimes it's really big it goes to

1:15 almost up and down the whole cabbage but

1:17 then you just want to cut the core out

1:20 cut a triangle around it and then you

1:26 break it down into workable sized pieces

1:29 and slice them together at this point

1:35 it's gonna be a little hard to handle so

1:40 I turn around and work it from the other

1:41 side and there you have the best way to

1:47 cut a white cabbage

1:56 you